I attended the Limerick School of Art and Design in Ireland where I completed my Bachelor of Arts. Throughout Art College, photography remained a true constant. I would borrow camera equipment most weekends and take it home to capture photos of everything and anything. That was back in the days of film, so I had 24 chances of taking a good photo. I would head to the dark room and process the photos. The entire method of having a white blank canvas where the image slowly comes into view was almost magical. Once the photo was processed, then it was a moment captured in time.
This is what excited me and still does today. Capturing a moment in time that can live forever. When I moved to America, I continued to take photos. California contains an abundance of creative minds and diversity. I have been fortunate to work with a lot of amazing and talented people, from actors, actresses, models, dancers, make-up artists and hair stylists. My interest still lies in capturing a moment in time. The day, the light, the make-up, style, hair, and environment all lead to a unique moment that can only be created once. 
Photography for me has been a smooth and natural transition of my creativity. It’s something I love and am passionate about. I like to pride myself on professionalism and I am always respectful of people’s time and commitment.
Michael Lynch Photography is a way for me to express and showcase my creativity. Wherever I go I find beauty. Whether it is insects, animals, humans, landscape or architecture. There is uniqueness in each and every one. My photos can be characterized as clean and rich in color. I try to place emphasis on the subject matter by minimizing outside or external factors. I prefer to make as little edits to a photo as possible and use Photoshop sparingly. I always have fun in my shoots and for portraits, I try to capture each person's personality.
Attention to detail is the most important aspect to my work. It has taken me time and practice to truly appreciate that. I would rather spend a long time working on the composition and details of one image, rather than trying to churn out as many images as possible.
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